Verena Ziegler

new materialism through design

IMMEDIATIONS - Urban Fabrics (CH)

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26.-30.04.14    Immediations European Hub Conference; Workshop and Presentation of Personal Movement Profile, Förrlibuckstrasse 62 - Zurich

In the framework of Immediations, a seven-year partnership grant together with the Senselab in Montreal, the research revolves around the notion of the event, its specific durational quality and its relation to aesthetic experience.

Immedation negotiates the specific quality of experience in the making, before classifications such as meaning, function, or discursive order have structured how one thinks and feels. 

In so-called “ecologies of practices” (Isabelle Stengers) as the operational field where emergences between theory and practice arise, this is what we call research-creation

Research-Creation attempts to develop both, a thinking of emergent techniques between theory and practice producing new forms of knowledge and ways of new forms of collaboration.

The outputs create unique correlations between thinking, drawing, writing, and model making, emphasising the role of tactility for the thinking process.